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Find useful information, articles, tools & special features about home safety, accessibility & senior friendly home improvements.

  1. Senior Friendly Bathroom Improvements
    Apr. 15, 2010 -- Caregivers have an important responsibility in being sure that safety comes first. The bathroom is one area that can often be problematic.
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  2. Remodeling With Seniors In Mind
    Apr. 13, 2010 -- Tasks like climbing stairs, navigating hallways and reaching high cabinets are tasks we take for granted, but for some seniors, it can be a challenge they are unable to overcome.
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  3. Disability Friendly Home Improvements
    Apr. 13, 2010 -- With some simple retrofitting, an everyday home can become more accessible for a loved one with a disability.
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  4. Stairs, Ramps & Railings For Senior Accessibility
    Apr. 13, 2010 -- With advanced age, steps become a challenge, and soon a challenge becomes an impossible task.
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  5. Fall Prevention Ideas For Seniors
    Apr. 13, 2010 -- According to the National Center for Accident Prevention and Control, the number one cause of death in people over the age of 65 is falling.
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  6. Home Safety Renovations
    Apr. 13, 2010 -- Allowing for a little help from the family, many safety home improvements for seniors can be installed in a weekend or less.
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  7. Senior Friendly Home Remodeling Ideas
    Apr. 13, 2010 -- Remodeling for a senior's needs has become a growing trend thanks in part to the abundance of these average homes and the rising population of seniors.
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  8. Aging-In-Place Remodeling
    Apr. 13, 2010 -- Instead of moving to Florida or another popular retirement destination, many homeowners are embracing the idea of "aging-in-place remodeling" or "universal design."
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  9. Kitchen Remodeling For Wheelchair Accessibility
    Apr. 13, 2010 -- Upgrading a kitchen for wheelchair accessibility needs to be planned to accommodate accessibility in general, and the specific needs of the individual or individual family members.
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  10. Electrical Home Improvements For Senior Safety
    Apr. 12, 2010 -- As the aging process continues throughout our lifetimes, our needs are always changing. And as we change, so, too, must our homes. This demand for efficiency and safety in the home is at its greatest when seniors get sick.
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