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Finance and Legal

Finance & Legal

Learn about financial and legal options and services for seniors. Users can find custom features focusing on everything from retirement planning to living wills and advance directives.

Finance & Legal Answers from Our Experts


Get straightforward, trustworthy answers to the most frequently asked finance & legal related questions. If you don't see the answer to your question, ask us, we'll find the answer to it right away.

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Find our latest articles & featured stories focused on financial planning for seniors, retirement planning, elder law & more.

Planning For Long-Term Care

Planning for long term care is a task many caregivers will ultimately face and there are many aspects of the process to explore.

Financial Advisors For Seniors

It's vital that family members help their senior loved one find the right person to handle the finances they worked so hard during their lifetime to build up.

Elder Law 101: Learn The Basics

Seniors and their caregivers should know that there are laws protecting elderly Americans and ways in which seniors can safeguard their assets and wishes before it becomes an issue.

Living Wills Explained

Unfortunately, most Americans are not well-versed in elder law, and the names of certain directives can be confusing.

Elder Abuse

When we contemplate elder abuse, we may immediately assume that elder abuse and neglect are things that happen at the hands of people in health care facilities, not in our own homes.

Reverse Mortgage Pros & Cons

A reverse mortgage is an effective way for seniors (62 years or older) to liquefy an asset for important expenses, such as medical bills, food or utilities.

Durable Power of Attorney (DPOA) Explained

Being the caregiver to a senior loved one has rewarding moments, but also entails tough decisions. In some instances exercising a power of attorney regarding seniors may become necessary.

Advanced Directives Explained

Most seniors do not complete advance directives until they come face to face with a health scare including hospitalization or a serious diagnosis.

Estate Planning For Seniors

Everyone should consider estate planning, regardless of how much money they have stored in the bank or how many possessions they have amassed over the years.

Planning For Retirement

Planning for retirement depends on many factors. First and foremost, your plan must revolve around your own personal situation.

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