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Medicare does not pay for Home Care Services.......

Posted by: mcrews on 11/23/2010 11:15:02 PM

One of the 4 myths of Long-Term Care is the assumption that Home Care and Home Health Care are the same thing. They are not. 1. Home HEALTH Care refers to services provided by professional that are rehabilitative and/or Medical in nature. These services are ALWAYS on the order of a Doctor. These services/visits tend to be no more than an hour at a time. They are covered under Medicare for upto 60 days because it is a Health Care issue. 2. Home Care is custodial care provided by non-licensed workers. They assist with the activities of Daily Living. Bathing, dressing, transportation, etc. These services are NOT covered by Medicare, Medsups or HMOs. Some states have medicaid programs that will assist in paying for these services.

You will see charts that say Medicare pays for Long-term care services and mention Home health care. Understand that Home CARE is NOT covered by Medicare. Please refer to or to the Medicare & Your Guide for 2010. Mark John Crews Strategic C.A.R.E. Planning (c)

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